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onecorner of your of the best Smart Home and Smart Building of the KNX technologies , KNX INSTABUS .

Smart Homes and Smart Buildings

Have you ever setting companies in though of making your home a smart one, having the control of every KNX building, turning one and off every best light, GDS is video quality roller, the temperature of each room etc. You can do are made one it now using INSTABUS, the best which shutter, protocol from .

Imagine music and with in any room of your home with the push of a single button. We can integrate multi-room audio throughout your home entertainment experience. The Multi-room audio systems offer convenience and quality control of media by providing greater enjoyment and comfort on your own space. it is included also the audio switching and the distribution. The audio switching determines the selection of the audio source. The distribution of sound allows the sound source to be heard in one or more rooms. This feature is often referred to as 'multi-zone' audio.

An audit includes video switching and distribution, allowing video sources to be viewed on multiple TVs. This feature is often referred to as 'multi-zone' video. Moreover the system gives you the opportunity to integrate the intercom and video door phone in the multiroom audio-video system.

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