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  • (23/09/16)

    The high-quality switches of TENSE arrived in Greece by GDS Digital Systems ltd.!

    Aiming at quality, GDS Digital Systems is glad to announce that brings in the Greece the distribution of TENSE, offering the top switches with the best technology and unique design in the Greek market.
    TENSE is a young Belgian designer & manufacturer of TOP DESIGN SWITCHES, OLED switches, motion detectors and socket frames for contemporary building projects.
    The high-quality TENSE touch products are stylish, easy to use, very reliable and designed with passion. Only the best technologies and premium raw materials are used to create the unique TENSE products, which are KNX compatible and are as well available on 12V-24V AC/DC.

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    • (16/06/16)

      New projects of GDS.

      This year GDS continues to provide the GDS Hotels solutions, completing two big luxury hotels “Cavo Tagoo Santorini” & “Liostasi Hotel Ios”.
      Inside the hotels, GDS developed KNX automation systems.

      1. Hotel Cavo Tagoo – Mykonos & Santorini -Μύκονος & Σαντορίνη
      2. Hotel Liostasi - Ios - Ίο
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      • (21/03/16)

        Presentation of GDS at “Light & Building".

        The presentation of new GDS product “KNX LED Dimmer” completed with great success in the international fair “Light & Building”, which took place in Frankfurt – Germany - from 13th till 18th of March 2016.

        Into the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology “Light & Building”, GDS had the opportunity to show the first Greek KNX device with ETS database.

        For one week the new KNX LED Dimmer was successfully presented and gave solution to system integrators, with its unique characteristics and high security.

        *4 Independent channels with 10A/ channel,
        * RGBW capability,
        * Monitors / records energy consumption and use,
        * Temperature, current, power supply, short circuit protection.

        The new product created surprise and interest to many visitors of exhibition and many manufacturers were interested for the production of device as OEM.


        Η GDS στην Light & Building



        • (13/10/15)

          GDS celebrates the 25th Anniversary of KNX.

          During the last decades, home and building control evolved to a necessity for our every day’s life. Thanks to building automation we can look at considerable energy savings and solutions for evolving mega cities all over the world. With 25 years of experience and growth, KNX has evolved to the leading worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.

          GDS with KNX was able to combine different technological areas and develop a series of devices and KNX solutions until today.

          GDS will continue to reach the top with KNX!

          Cavo Tagoo με KNX


          • (15/1/15)

            Give us yor Vote for European Business Awards by RSM

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            • (15/3/15)

              GDS Digital Systems from Greece has today been named “National Champion” in The European Business Awards sponsored by RSM International; a prestigious competition supported by businesses leaders, academics, media and political representatives from across Europe. The European Business Awards now in its 8th year engaged with over 24,000 business from 33 European countries this year and 709 companies from across Europe have been named today as National Champions going through to the second phase of the competition.



          • (7/6/14)

            Here are all KNX Flyers, magazines, etc. Learn everything about KNX.



            • (4/2/14)

              The Smart Building Conference in Amsterdam


              After drawing over 150 delegates and global media to its first two events, the Smart Building Conference returns to Amsterdam in February 2014.

              Repeating the successful twin-track formula of the London 2013 Conference, allowing delegates to focus on either residential or commercial building, the Amsterdam event will help to make the Smart Building dream a reality by encouraging different industries to work together, integrating the various technologies that make buildings smart.

              Taking place on the eve of the huge Integrated Systems Europe trade show, the Smart Building Conference @ ISE 2014 is the perfect opportunity for building technology manufacturers to raise brand awareness among the construction industry’s most forward-looking stakeholder groups.

              Mr. Nick Gliatis from GDS Digital Systems Ltd ( is going to speak in the Smart Building Conference on 3/2/2014.

              Nick Gliatis, GDS (Bio)
              Nick is an electronics and computers engineer specialized in microelectronics. He has been involved since his postgraduate university studies with smart buildings technology and has developed many VLSI chips and embedded systems for telecom, commercial and automation applications. He has started 3 companies dealing with smart buildings technology which have completed more than 2000 buildings until today in Greece, UK, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Monaco. He has received 3 times the KNX Award and since 2012 his company GDS is KNX member. He maintains close relations to the University community trying to maintain state of the art know how and to develop new techniques in Building control.

              ... and here is the Programme of the "Smart Building Conference".




              • (17/6/13)

                KNX CITY EVENT 2013 - KNX CITY EVENT 2013 - KNX Association wrote a new note: KNX City Event in Greece.
                The KNX city event that was organised by the National Group of Greece on Friday 6 December in Athens and was attended by more than 85 people, was actually an interaction between the KNX community and the building sector such as architects and building constructors. The audience, which was mostly composed of engineers, had the unique opportunity to learn and understand that KNX does not focus only on individual building control, but that KNX is the platform to base a total integration of all building systems from entire cities in order to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency. The advantages of the KNX technology and its worldwide market penetration, were presented by the System Engineer of KNX Association international, Mr Lourdas. Afterwards, the KNX City concept was presented by delegates of the National Group members (Siemens, ABB, Schneider, GDS). Mr Nick Gliatis talked about the "Total Building Control".



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