GDS is one of the best companies in Smart Home and Smart Building which are made with one of the best technologies , KNX INSTABUS .

Smart Homes and Smart Buildings

Have you ever though of making your home a smart one, having the control of every corner of your building, turning one and off every light, shutter, roller, setting the temperature of each room etc. You can do it now using INSTABUS, the best protocol from KNX.

The lighting automation ensures energy saving and minimize the energy cost while providing increased comfort and safety.
* Lighting control for all lights of the building / house.

* Programming the lighting system in order to automatically adjust brightness depending on environment conditions.

* Energy savings up to 35% with automatic lighting management.

* Scenarios.

The lighting control systems allow users to choose:
* Turn on and off the lights
* Dim lights
* Ability to control any lighting device from any interface. For example, a central touch screen allows the user to control the lights of the whole building. In fact, any light can be controlled from any location.

If you use lighting control systems you can create scenarios that will be triggered by a lot of events , including:

Chronological time (time of day)

Astronomical time (sunrise / sunset)

Presence in a room

Alarm system messages

The KNX lighting control system has the ability to combine all the above functions making the control of the building’s lighting much easier.

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