The "IDEAL" Smart Home

GDS considers the ideal "Smart Building", a country house recently completed in the area of Chania in Crete.


The dream of our client became true. His desire was to install automatic systems throughout the buildings and outdoors to control it totally from one tablet. So we installed the necessary software accompanied by Smart Tablet of GDS. The GDS Tablet outside the normal functions (Internet, Digital Frame, Communication, Video, Music, etc.), has the ability to control the entire building / buildings, through the appropriate software. Additionally we provide direct technical support and the final costumer/user can have access and the totally control of the house from wherever he is.

The Smart House in Chania consists of two separate buildings, but they are directly dependent on the electronic design. This construction is a Green Home, which means that minimize the energy consumption while being user friendly and greatly improving our client's lifestyle.

More specifically we installed a visualization system via the GDS Tablet to automatically perform all the following functions desired by user, which are the following:

  1. Lighting control in each building separately and centrally.
  2. Lighting control in all external areas of the building complex
  3. Audit logs - awnings to the areas of buildings or for the whole building - buildings
  4. Create scripts for various stages of the day or for absence from home
  5. Check all the areas via CCTV, alarms, security systems
  6. Other alarms for:
    • Suspected enemy movements
    • Damage to equipment
    • Standby Generator
    • Monitoring power radiator
    • Need to change air conditioner filters
    • Connection Status (communication failure)
    • Fire detection
    1. Control of cooling and heating (HVAC) throughout the two buildings centrally or individually
    2. Doorphone control and instant response for door opening
    3. Monitoring energy consumption per month for energy savings
    4. Special construction for optimum lighting
    5. Separate function to control the entire area of ??the house, both internal and external spaces for direct control through screen floorplans.
    • Exterior view of the house from the back side

    Smart Home with KNX Instabus

    • Interior view of lights

    KNX Lights ControlInstabus light control

    • Tablet screenshot which shows the layout of both buildings and all functions that can make the user and notices received for alarms

    Home Visualization

    • Tablet screenshot showing the top view of one of the two buildings and lighting control functions, rolls and tents as well as alerts for alarms

    Smart home visualization of KNX

    • Tablet screenshot where the user adjusts the lights in his room and the rolls

    Control Led Instabus

    • Tablet screenshot with which the user sees the current temperature

    Temperature Control Visualization

    • Tablet screenshot in which the user is able to control the lighting of the two buildings either locally or throughout the whole building, also check the logs in both buildings

    KNX instabus visualization

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